Edition 2020

Awarded projects

Category 'iStandOut'

Smart Glasses 4 Telehealth to improve access to quality health care
Memisa (Belgium); Iristick (Belgium) 
Country involved: Democratic Republic of Congo
The Smart Glasses 4 Telehealth project was the best proven success story in the iStandOut category for the jury. This project introduces telemedicine with connected glasses in Kingandu (Kwilu, DR Congo) to improve access to quality healthcare. In rural areas, access to hospitals is often difficult. These glasses allow healthcare providers to remotely show an expert (the hospital doctor) exactly what they are seeing, talk to him or her and listen to the instructions without losing use of the hands or having to interrupt their activity. More frequent interaction with the doctor also strengthens the nurses' capacities.
Website: https://iristick.com/ ; https://memisa.be/en/ 

This winner receives a credit line of 10.000 euro to be used for (research)activities towards further development of the project.

Category 'iStartUp'

AKABOXITECH - Digital Financial Inclusion
Akaboxi Ltd (Uganda); Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (Belgium)
Country involved: Uganda
The AKABOXITECH project received the prize for the most promising innovative idea, in the iStartUp category. Developed by local entrepreneurs, this project provides a digital financial inclusion system for small farmers in Uganda, mainly women and young farmers in rural communities, so they can monitor and manage their savings together. The system replaces the rudimentary way of accounting, pooling their savings in boxes and keeping the savings boxes in the group leader's home, with a safer, more digital and simpler process to monitor and manage their savings.
Website: https://akaboxi.com/

This winner will get the opportunity to do an internship in a Belgian or international incubator to the value of 25.000 euro.


Category 'iChoose'

Bambanani – Joining hands to teach every child: Open Education Resources in South Africa
VVOB (Belgium)
Country involved: South Africa
The audience favorite in the iChoose category was Bambanani - Joining hands to teach every child, a project developing educational resources for inclusive education for children in South Africa. In 2001, South Africa launched a progressive inclusive education policy - an important step towards greater socio-economic equality. However, at present, few teachers know how to teach in an inclusive way. That is why VVOB developed the platform FundaOER.org. On this website, teachers will find a variety of open educational resources that can inspire them in their teaching practice. Teacher´s trainers or pedagogical counselors can find useful information here.
Website: https://www.vvob.org/en

This winner receives a cash prize of 5.000 euro.


Other nominated projects

Category 'iStandOut'

Training family farmers in their local language with video
Access Agriculture (Belgium)
Countries involved: Benin, Egypt, Kenya, Mali, Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bolivia 
This project promotes agroecological principles and rural entrepreneurship through capacity development and South-South exchange of quality farmer-to-farmer training videos in local languages. Over 3,000 organisations in the Global South distribute and screen the videos through microSD cards, DVD series in multiple languages, USB sticks and the smart projector. The smart projector allows people to watch videos in their own language without electricity, mobile phone signal or even an internet connection. Since winning the iStandOut Prize D4D in 2018, Access Agriculture has been establishing a blossoming network of young rural entrepreneurs who screen videos and make videos available as part of their work with deprived communities
Website: https://www.accessagriculture.org/ 

Savics (Belgium)
Countries involved:  Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Liberia, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Philippines, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Togo, Zambia
DataToCare is a software platform (consisting of mobile; desktop and web applications) that collects diagnostic, clinical, and operational data from remote laboratories and clinics, and transmits it in real-time to local, regional and national stakeholders, such as patients, health care providers and decision makers. DataToCare is currently installed in over 550 laboratories in 15 countries in Africa and Asia, covering the diagnostic tests of 250.000 patients.
DataToCare aims to improve disease surveillance, clinical data management, and individualized patient care by strengthening health care systems in developing countries through innovative technologies.
Website: https://savics.org/ 

NutriApp: Application from consumers to consumers for a better world
Consorcio Agroecológico Peruano (Perù); Eclosio (Belgium)
Country involved: Perù
NutriApp is a tool designed by civil society in Perù that empowered consumers by giving them access to information on the presence of high amounts of sugar, saturated fats, trans fats and sodium in ultra-processed products. At the end of the first semester after launch, an average reach of more than 100,000 people who knew and/or used the mobile application was obtained.
Website: http://consorcioagroecologico.pe/ ; https://www.eclosio.ong/ 

Category 'iStartUp'

First Aid Blended Learning (FABL)
Rode Kruis Vlaanderen (Belgium); Rwanda Red Cross Society (Rwanda)
Country involved: Rwanda
First Aid Blended Learning (FABL) wants to drastically scale up the number of First Aid responders in Sub-Saharan Africa. Compared to traditional First Aid courses, FABL is able to use the same resources to triple the number of First Aid trainings. Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen (RKV) has done this by translating its world-leading evidence-based First Aid materials into a user-friendly app which is linked an intuitive booking system and paired with a specially designed in-class training methodology.
Website: https://www.rodekruis.be/ 


Open Chain
Iles de Paix (Belgium); TRIAS (Belgium); Mviwata-Arusha (Tanzania)
Country involved: Tanzania
Open Chain is an open source platform where local insights on challenges (for example issues on value chain malpractices) are documented and accessible to everyone. It supports stakeholder consultation and networking activities to collect data on local issues or challenges and to spark new partnerships. In this way it provides necessary information to decision makers, and connects local stakeholders for a collective voice and action.
Website: https://www.ilesdepaix.org/ 


Category 'iChoose'

Financial inclusion for Ugandan farmers and entrepreneurs
Trias Uganda (Belgium, Uganda)
Country involved: Uganda
Trias partners with Microfinance Member-Based Organisations in the Northern and Western regions of Uganda to provide tailored financial services to their members. These financial providers (called Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations, or SACCOs) offer a variety of specific loan products adapted to the realities of rural farming families and small-scale entrepreneurs. With this project mobile banking functionalities are now integrated. Family farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs can access their account balance, send money from their mobile phone to their SACCO account and withdraw from their SACCO account to their phone by just entering simple USSD codes. This contributes to the financial inclusion of rural communities.
Website: https://www.trias.ngo/en/  

ImpalaEdTech – Parakou 
Impalabridge (Belgium), Guerra Hub (Benin)
Country involved: Benin
ImpalaEdTech Parakou is a joint project of a Belgian non-profit organization (Impalabridge) and a “Digital Innovation Hub” (Guerra Hub) from Benin.
The objective is to offer training and support for:
- Beninese teachers to innovate and acquire the skills necessary for an effective use of ICT in their teaching practices,
- for young job seekers to pursue "Tech Educator" careers and entrepreneurship in the field of EdTech,
- for primary and secondary students to develop technological skills and acquire skills ensuring professional success in the 21st century (Creativity, Critical thinking, ...).
Website: https://impalabridge.com/ 

Awards ceremony

The winners of Prize D4D - Edition 2020 received their prizes from Minister of Development Cooperation, Meryame Kitir, on the recommendation of the jury, during the Awards Ceremony organized by the Royal Museum for Central Africa on October 15, 2020 (Belgium).



Photos (©Kris Pannecoucke)