Edition 2018

Awarded projects

Category 'iStandOut'

Access Agriculture – Overcoming the language barrier
Access Agriculture (Jonas Wanvoeke, Benin – Paul Van Mele, Belgium)
To promote innovations in sustainable agriculture and rural enterprises through capacity development and South-South exchange of quality farmer-to-farmer training videos in local languages.
Website: https://www.accessagriculture.org/
The winner receives a credit line of 10.000 euro to be used for (research)activities towards further development of a career (participation in conferences, training courses, etc.)

Category 'iStartUp'

Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba (Dionis López Ramos, Cuba), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) (Hichem Sahli, Belgium)
The app WisePocket, a spin-off of the VUB & Universidad de Oriente in Santiago de Cuba. Using interaction and gamification, this mobile app wants to make healthcare campaigns more effective and quantify their efficiency.
The winner will get the opportunity to do an internship in a Belgian incubator to the value of 25.000 euro


Category 'iChoose'

Maarten Goethals, Steven Janssens (Belgium), Edward Magezi (Uganda)
EIGHT an initiative which allows residents of a town in Uganda to become “an agent of change” themselves through mobile money transfers without conditions.
The winner receives a cash prize of 5.000 euro.


Other nominated projects

Category 'iStandOut'

CERHIS – Connected Electronic Records – Hospital Information System
AEDES (Loïc Vaes, Belgium), MaisOrdi (Benjamin Ndoole, DRC)
CERHIS is an information system adapted to health structures located in low resources environments. It works on Android tactile tablets and replaces the former paper-based files and records. Its objective is to improve the quality of the information collected in health structures to ensure better patient care, better management of the health structure and the efficient production of a reliable sanitary information.
Website: http://cerhis.org/

Geomonitoring of Savings Groups in Maasai Rural Areas
Trias East-Africa (Saitoti Kitasho, Tanzania – Bart Casier, Natalie Vanden Eynde, Belgium)
The project aims to optimise the functioning of the Village Community Banks (VICOBAs) established by Trias and its member based organisations (MBOs) by the use of digital collection of dynamic real time data and the intensive use of (geographical) monitoring tools.
Website: https://www.trias.ngo/en/

Using Machine Learning to Analyse Radio Content in Uganda
United Nations Pulse Lab Kampala (Paula Hildago-Sanchis, Uganda), Eddie Sefuluya Mukooyo (Uganda AIDS Commission Board)
This project consists in analysing public radio content to close the gap between the population living in rural areas of Uganda and humanitarian and development practitioners. Make public radio content accessible for the SDGs and humanitarian action.
Website: https://www.unglobalpulse.org/projects/pilot-studies-using-machine-learning-analyse-radio-content-uganda-2017

Category 'iStartUp'

Smart Glasses
Iristick (Steven Serneels, België), African Drive (Abdel Azizou Karré, Benin)
Using smart glasses, this projects aims to make higher quality and more efficient patient care in rural healthcare centres accessible and affordable, both by providing online, real-time remote assistance by experts, as well as supporting hands free digital guidance during execution.

Institute for Tropical Medicine (Jan Kennis, Belgium), InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia (Channé Suy Lan, Cambodia)
The Institute for Tropical Medicine (Antwerp) collaborates with InSTEDD iLab to achieve a freely available collaborative knowledge management platform in the field of tropical medicine and international health, based on the contributions of experts worldwide.

Category 'iChoose'

Developing Internet of Things sensors for Benin
Institut de Recherches Halieutiques et Océanologiques du Bénin (Zacharie Sohou, Benin), Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Katrijn Baetens, Belgium)
This project supports the IRHOB through the development and test of a low-cost sensor system for marine applications, that measures, stores and broadcasts measurements to an IoT-account.  

The Geo-Observer Network
Mountains of the Moon University (Clovis Kabaseke, Uganda), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Matthieu Kervyn, Belgium), KU Leuven (Liesbet Jacobs, Belgium)
The objective of this project is to collect first-hand information on recent disasters through a network of citizen reporters in the Rwenzori.

Innovation fair and Awards ceremony

All three winners received their prizes from Minister Alexander De Croo during the Innovation Fair & Awards Ceremony that were organized by the Royal Museum for Central Africa on October 4, 2018 (Belgium).


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