Category ‘iStartUp’

Awarded project


Aksantimed (Mbela Sedi), SOS Médecins  de Nuit (Maneno Riziki), Université Libre de Bruxelles – Phytoconsult H.Y. sprl (Hélène Mavar)

The plague of counterfeit medication has resulted in failed treatments, poisonings, increased resistance to antibiotics, and sometimes even death.  AksantiMed uses the rise of the mobile phone (GSM) and the internet on the African continent to put patients in the difficult task of checking the medication. The patient can use the application Aksantimed to validate the unique 12-digit code printed on a non-transferable label placed on each medication box.



Aksantimed received an internship in a Belgian incubator called imec. During this internship Aksantimed was guided in the establishment of their company both in Belgium and in R.D.C. by ACC Team. They received coaching sessions for the further development of their application by means of one-on-one coaching sessions and workshops by experts in the domain of e-Health, e-Commerce and e-Governance and, where necessary, the extensive academic network of imec was called upon to refine the expertise. Co-working spaces were also made available.


Nominated projects

Soundiata Payment Gateway

HEC-ULg Entrepreneurs (Louis Manga), Agence de Services Manages, ASM (Ousmane Ndao)

One of the main obstacles to the development of e-commerce in Africa is the lack of reliable and secure online payment solutions. Soundiata wants to reinforce mobile banking to promote safe North-South but also South-South exchanges on the internet.


Geo-Domaines Coopération

IT-International Development (Ghislain Muller, Alain Muller), Ultima Technologies (Claude Bernardini)

Geo-Domains program facilitates tracking plans, areas and various points positioned by GPS without any geographical or territorial restrictions via PC and mobile phone.