Category ‘iStandOut’

Awarded project

E-learning curriculum in Palestinian Primary and Secondary Education

Belgian Technical Cooperation, BTC (Jan De Ceuster, Thierry Foubert), Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education (dr. Basri Salmoodi)

This project introduces the use of ICT in 288 pilot schools in Palestine in order to enhance student-centred learning and allow students to acquire 21st-century skills.



Nominated projects

Open Clinic

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB (Marc Nyssen, Gustave Karara), Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania, CCBRT (Nabila Nazir)

OpenClinic is a open-source, modular software package for hospital management. It is specifically designed to satisfy the needs in countries with limited resources, according to the patient-centric model.




Close the Gap International VZW (Inge Knapen, Peter Manderick), Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania Limited, ACTTL (Robert Mafie)

The Digitruck adds to both the quality and the availability of education in remote off grid areas by being a mobile classroom with high quality IT equipment and digital enabled learning materials.