Category 'iChoose'

Awarded project


Maarten Goethals, Steven Janssens (Belgium), Edward Magezi (Uganda)

EIGHT an initiative which allows residents of a town in Uganda to become “an agent of change” themselves through mobile money transfers without conditions.

The winner receives a cash prize of 5.000 euro.

Nominated projects

Developing Internet of Things sensors for Benin

Institut de Recherches Halieutiques et Océanologiques du Bénin (Zacharie Sohou, Benin), Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Katrijn Baetens, Belgium)

This project supports the IRHOB through the development and test of a low-cost sensor system for marine applications, that measures, stores and broadcasts measurements to an IoT-account.  


The Geo-Observer Network

Mountains of the Moon University (Clovis Kabaseke, Uganda), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Matthieu Kervyn, Belgium), KU Leuven (Liesbet Jacobs, Belgium)

The objective of this project is to collect first-hand information on recent disasters through a network of citizen reporters in the Rwenzori.