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Awarded project


Solarly (Orban de Xivry Jean-Grégoire, Julien Riat, Maxime Dolberg, David Oren), Better World Cameroon (Koh Crystel )

Energy is the breeding ground for development. Without energy there is no possible growth. Solarly develops a solution in order to make the electricity access easier for rural household in Sub-Saharan Africa.



The project used this award to co-finance the pilot phase. The 6 months in the field helped Solarly to better understand the most urgent energy needs, particularly in the education sector. The 40 prototypes were installed which now provide energy to a school and families without access to electricity, but also to an ecovillage that serves as an informative centre.


Nominated projects

Bosco School Manager

VIA Don Bosco ngo (Sofie De Rijck, Etienne Vandercruysse), Antenne de Développement ADAFO / Afrika, Via Don Bosco (Yao Tsedi)

BOSCO SCHOOL MANAGER is a customized platform for the digitisation of school data and digital data management in West Africa. This system makes it possible for schools to gain a clear insight into their own performance, in addition to monitoring the evolution of their students.



Let’s talk trash

WorldLoop / Close The Gap, photography / grafic design (Griet Hendrickx), Great Lakes Initiatives for Communities Empowerment, GLICE (Roger Ouedraogo)

The project 'Let's talk trash' focusses on educating and enlighting as many people as possible on the importance of bridging the digital divide while creating sustainable solutions for the challenge of the e-waste cycle in Africa.