Category ‘iStandOut’


Awarded project:

E-learning curriculum in Palestinian Primary and Secondary Education

Belgische Technische Coöperatie, BTC (Jan De Ceuster, Thierry Foubert)

Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education (dr. Basri Salmoodi)


Nominated projects:

Open Clinic

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB (Marc Nyssen, Gustave Karara)

Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania, CCBRT (Nabila Nazir)


Close the Gap International VZW (Inge Knapen, Peter Manderick)

Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania Limited, ACTTL (Robert Mafie)


Category ‘iStartUp’


Awarded project:


Aksantimed (Mbela Sedi)

SOS Médecins  de Nuit (Maneno Riziki)

Université Libre de Bruxelles – Phytoconsult H.Y. sprl (Hélène Mavar)


Nominated projects:

Soundiata Payment Gateway

HEC-ULg Entrepreneurs (Louis Manga)

Agence de Services Manages, ASM (Ousmane Ndao)

Geo-Domaines Coopération         

IT-International Development (Ghislain Muller, Alain Muller)

Ultima Technologies (Claude Bernardini)


Category ‘iChoose’


Awarded project:


Solarly (Orban de Xivry Jean-Grégoire, Julien Riat, Maxime Dolberg, David Oren)

Better World Cameroon (Koh Crystel )


Nominated projects:

Bosco School Manager

VIA Don Bosco ngo (Sofie De Rijck, Etienne Vandercruysse)

Antenne de Développement ADAFO / Afrika,

Via Don Bosco (Yao Tsedi)

Let’s talk trash

WorldLoop / Close The Gap

Fotograaf / grafische vormgever (Griet Hendrickx)

Great Lakes Initiatives for Communities Empowerment, GLICE (Roger Ouedraogo)