1) Innovative idea / startup – ‘iStartUp’


WHAT: innovative project idea or startup on ‘Digital for Development’

​APPLICATION: registration form 'iStartUp' + video pitch illustrating the project idea or startup in a maximum of 3 minutes based on the following questions:

1) To what extent does the ‘iStartUp’ contribute to sustainable development in the South?

2) Can you describe the ‘iStartUp’ as being innovatory and original? Does the innovative nature of the ‘iStartUp’ surpass the traditional and classic development methods in this field?

3) Will the ‘iStartUp’ lead towards a significant impact both on a local and/or global scale? Will the ‘iStartUp’ lift the concept ‘Digital for Development’ to higher standards and create broader support?

4) Does the ‘iStartUp’ take into account the concept 'digital inclusion'?

REQUISITE: a clear link with a partner in the South is not obligatory upon submission but will need to be imbedded in the further development of the 'iStartUp'


2) Success story – ‘iStandOut’


WHAT: ‘Best practice’; a success story in the field of ‘Digital for Development’ with a strong vision on future cooperation between partner countries

​APPLICATION: registration form 'iStandOut' + digital and printed version (2x) of the project in the form of a (PhD)thesis, publication, application, etc.

REQUISITE: a clear link with a partner country in the South is required


2) The public award– ‘iChoose’


WHAT: Visual representation of an innovative idea, project or activity in the field of ‘Digital for Development’

​APPLICATION: registration form 'iChoose' + project  in the form of audio-visual (max. 5 min.) or graphic material (poster, flyer, infographics, etc.)

REQUISITE: a clear link with a partner country in the South is required


 Applicants are referred to the entry rules for further information.