The Royal Museum for Central Africa will organise an award ceremony and an innovation fair on Thursday 4 October 2018.

Invitation and programme Prize D4D - 2018, October 4

Register - 2018, October 4


The innovation fair will be a hotspot for networking and exchanging ideas on digital advances in research and startup activities. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet a range of exhibitors in the field of ‘Digital for Development’ and to listen to a number of lectures by (inter)national thematic experts.


The winners in the categories ‘iStartup’, ‘iStandOut’ and 'iChoose' will be announced during the award ceremony.


Both the nominees and the winners will receive their award or certificate and the winners will have the chance to shortly present their work. And finally the public award will be showcased.


Visitors can grasp the opportunity to network throughout the day and share digital knowledge at pleasure.


The innovation fair and award ceremony will close with an informal reception.